Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Please, Spare A Thought for Our Neighbors in the Midwest

At the time of this post, the death toll in Joplin, Mo. after the 5/22 tornado, is 117 and it's expected to rise, with no estimate yet on the number of injured. 

The death toll from 2011 tornadoes stands now at 455, the deadliest year for tornados since 1953. -- Lane Turner

Chue Vang reacts after coming home to discover that her home was damaged after a tornado struck northern Minneapolis May 22. At least one person was killed and at least 29 were injured in the storm. (Jerry Holt/The Star Tribune/AP
Residents begin digging through the rubble of their home after it was destroyed by a tornado that hit Joplin, Mo. May 22. The tornado tore a path a mile wide and four miles long destroying homes and businesses. (Mike Gullett/AP)
Residents of Joplin, Mo, walk west on 26th Street near Maiden Lane after a tornado hit the southwest Missouri city May 22. (Mike Gullett/AP)

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