Sunday, January 8, 2012

THE DARK TOWER Reading Challenge for 2012

I started this series years ago and got bogged down somewhere in the middle, so when I saw this challenge on Leighanne's Lit, I jumped at the chance to get to the end of my journey. 

The first six have been sitting on my shelf, but I'll need to find the last two before the end of the year.

Of course I will have to start reading over again - It's been a looooong time.

The books in the series are:
  1. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger (1982) (COMPLETED 4/23/12)
  2. The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three (1987) (COMPLETED 5/29/12)
  3. The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands (1991) (COMPLETED 4/18/13)
  4. The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass (1997) (COMPLETED 5/28/15)
  5. The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla (2003) (COMPLETED 11/12/15)
  6. The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah (2004) (COMPLETED 11/30/15)
  7. The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (2004) (COMPLETED 12/15/15)
UPDATE 1/27/12: I am such a slug. To say that I didn't complete this challenge is a grand understatement. I intend to continue with this one if it takes the rest of my life!

UPDATE 12/19/15: I finally finished the Gunslinger series proper. There is still one left, but I'm on the fence about it. It supposedly fits between books 4 & 5, and I find the idea of going back there after completing the series off-putting. I'm sure I will ... eventually. Until then, however, I consider this challenge completed. 

     8. The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole (2012) 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I think I've come to the conclusion that I can't do it alone.

  2. I read the series (except for the not-yet-released one, obvs) in 2010. It is doable! But give yourself breaks in-between. Also, The Wizard and Glass is the slowest one, just fyi.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. If I can get through Wizard and Glass, maybe it will pick up!