Friday, February 1, 2013

It's About Time We Focused on REAL Issues. The Oxford Comma, Yes or No?

My apologies to PZ Myers over at Pharyngula, but we need to take this fight global!


  1. OMG--that made me laugh so hard, I now have tears running down my face! :D

    I wanted to let you know that I'd replied to your comment on my blog. I didn't know if you'd see it or not, so I decided to copy it here because your words really meant so very much to me and I wanted to make sure you knew that.

    I wish I could express how much your incredibly kind words mean to me! Though I had no idea that you lived with chronic pain, and well, now my heart is aching. It's funny--I always worry that I'm coming off as whining and complaining, and that is the last thing I want. Not that I don't think people have the right to complain and vent, sometimes that helps. It's just that when you've got one of these invisible illnesses, or any illness for that matter, it really is a part of your life. And since I seem to talk about everything else in my life here, it feels a bit disingenuous for me to hide that. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you've become a regular dose of happy in my life. I can always count on you and your blog to give me a boost of positive...and we need to grab as many positives as we can get, right? I guess it helps that we seem to share very similar worldviews, but I don't know, there's just something sort of intangible that makes your blog a special place to me. And now knowing that you're living your life in chronic pain I think that specialness will only be stronger. I guess that sounds sort of stupid, but it's that connection of knowing someone understands, if you know what I mean. Anyway, thank you again for your kind words. And I will be hoping like hell that your new normal improves. I so wish I could hug you! Gently, of course. :) And while I realize you probably have people in your life covering these bases, if you ever feel like venting and just talking, don't hesitate to email me, okay?

    1. I'm glad it made you laugh. Nature's medicine, you know. And thank you so much for your kind words.