Thursday, May 30, 2013


I know. I know. It's been a while. 
I've had a few rough months, so I have been a bit remiss in my posting. 
I try to make sure there is a poem or something pretty to look at every day but
 there hasn't been much input of a more personal nature.
 I've still managed to read a bit though.

This one was exceptionally hard for me on an emotional level. Charlie the *shudders* Choo-Choo and Blaine the *shudder* Mono.

I. Just. Can't. *shudder*

Yes, I know. But *shudder* therapy is expensive.

How to Tail a Cat - Rebecca M. Hale

This quirky little series continues.

The book, (#4) however, doesn't seem to have actually ended. I appreciate the value of continuing plot lines in a series and all, but maybe just a little more closure would be all right. (honest) It reads a bit like her publishing deadline hit so she just turned it in.

Guilt - Jonathan Kellerman

I liked the way this one ended. Just a small 'twang,' but I can't say another thing without robbing you of the chance to experience it yourself.

Kinsey And Me - Sue Grafton

It's always a treat to step into the Wayback Machine (precursor to the Delorean) with Kinsey, but this time we accompanied Sue as well.

It was an interesting and enlightening trip.

Sneaky Pie for President - Rita Mae Brown

Elections come and elections go,
but the issues never die.



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