Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dive Into Poetry: A Reading Challenge 2014

One more challenge!

Yay! Serena at Savvy Verse & Wit brought the Dive into Poetry Challenge back for another year.

It is simpler this year, with the only requirements being to read, review and post. I think that's doable.

     The levels are:

Dip Your Toes - up to 2 books of poetry
Wade in - 4-6 books of poetry
Dive in - 7 or more books of poetry

Just read a book of poetry, write and post your review, and post its link in the Mr. Linky back on Savvy Verse & Wit.

I love poetry and, if you take a quick around, you see a lot of it here at the Hearth. Last year I read 20 books of poetry (not including the anthologies and books that provide source material for the blog). I would read more, but all those wonderful new books of poetry can take a chunk out of the food budget, and my local libraries don't exactly prioritize it.  

I will be Diving in again this year, and though I don't know what my final total will be, but I'm pretty sure I can top 7. Who knows, I may even top last year's 20.

  1. New Selected Poems of Stevie Smith - Stevie Smith
  2. Aimless Love (audiobook) - Billy Collins
  3. Celebrations: Rituals of Peace and Prayer (audiobook) - Maya Angelou
  4. Poets Against the War - Sam Hamill, Sally Anderson, ed. et al 
  5. Why I Wake Early - Mary Oliver

UPDATE 12/31/14: I've lost some posts and I have no idea what happened or where they went. 

Along with the works listed above, I also read several Poetry Journals. While I can tell you that they are Haiku Society of America's Frogpond and Spoon River Poetry Review, both published twice a year, I can not link to my posts about them at this time. The inclusion of those four journals would bring my total to 9, so I surpassed my goal. But I didn't even come close to last year's total.    


  1. I wish you luck! I wanna Dive In but not sure if I can!

    1. Thank you for the link. I visited your blog and I love it. I think I will be a frequent visitor.

  2. Thanks for visiting and living a wonderfulcomment! It is always good to find fellow poetry lovers! I do have another blog where I post my poetry. You can visit that too whenever you like. Here it is:


  3. I am sure you can dive in if you've read 20 books of poetry in 2013.