Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Farmer's Market - Flowers & Rain & Stuff To Do

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This is my baby Petunia on her favorite lookout perch. 

Unfortunately, just yesterday, a couple of days after we took this picture, an artist who carves beautiful pieces out of burl wood bought it, cut it up, and hauled it away. She just stands in the empty spot and looks at me balefully. Stories about beautiful artistic creations just don't seem to mollify her.

UPDATE from Last Week:      

We got started on a few projects just before some much needed rain moved in.

Here you can see my son-in-law starting work on the first of my cold frames.

I drew up the design, took the measurements, cut the wood, and was preparing to put it together when he saw what I was doing and wanted to do it for me.

Who am I to argue.

We didn't get very far before the rain started, and since it has been raining for over a week now, the unfinished projects are on hold, as I don't have an indoor workspace.

But I did get a few pictures.

The garden is soaking up the rain happily. As you probably know, we (CA) have been declared a disaster area because of drought. This year we may have to actually choose between giving water to our people or the crops that sustain our economy. Actually, the governor already made the choice to put people first, but that is only a short term solution. We are all going to have to return to the Yankee ingenuity that served us so well once upon a time.

My first blooming Iris this year.

This is one of the ones gifted from my neighbor across the street.

They were actually planted by the neighbor he bought the house from, who had lived in the house for over thirty years. (She's happily ensconced now in a little cottage near her grand kids.)

Beautiful flowers opening on the nectarine tree . . .

 . . . and the Pluots are filling out also . . .

. . . as are the Plums.

I haven't seen many bees yet though.

It has rained pretty steadily for most of the week, which is great. It doesn't make the drought go away. We're way too far into it for that, but every little bit helps. We even had a full fledged thunder storm night before last, and that is a rarity around here.

I was also sick most of the week so I didn't get many of the things I could do done. I hope to be transplanting seedlings and getting them ready to go into the cold frame (which I hope to also finish soon).

Take care all.
Come Slowly - Eden
- Emily Dickinson

Come slowly - Eden
Lips unused to Thee -
Bashful - sip thy Jessamines
As the fainting Bee -

Reaching late his flower,
Round her chamber hums -
Counts his nectars -
Enters - and is lost in Balms.

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