Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Mental Illness Advocacy (MIA) Reading Challenge: FINAL POST

2013 Mental Illness Advocacy (MIA) Reading Challenge

"Many reading challenges already exist in the book blogging community to address racism, sexism, and homophobia, but I could not find any to address the stigma faced by those suffering from mental illness."

Challenge Levels:
Acquainted–4 books / Aware–8 books / Advocate–12 books

This will be my third year with this challenge, and I hope to outdo my prior performance.

1. Break the Bipolar Cycle - Elizabeth Brondolo & Xavier Amador
2. The Tao of Bipolar - C. Alexander Simpkins & Annellen Simpkins
3. Ten Days in a Mad-House (ebook) - Nellie Bly
4. Learning from the Voices in My Head (ebook) - Eleanor Longden    
5. The Bedlam Detective (audiobook) - Stephen Gallagher
6. Bipolar not ADHD (ebook) - George Isaac

Well, I made it to 6 books. 
Does that mean I'm only partially aware?

This challenge is important to me because It reminds me not to become complacent. It reminds me that there is always something new to learn, or relearn. It also lets me touch base with like minded folks and connect with other perspectives. In short, it helps me grow.

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  1. Congratulations! I love the variety in your list. I would definitely say you are Aware. :-)