Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dive Into Poetry Challenge 2013: FINAL POST

Dive Into Poetry Challenge 2013

I'm actually fairly happy with my results for this challenge, hosted at Savvy Verse & Wit. It offered a number of ways to take on the challenge, and though I signed up late, I set out to do everything I could. Overreach is my middle name.

The first task was to Read and review up to 2 books of poetry throughout 2013. At this task, I was quite successful, as my final tally is 20 books. 

1. Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair - Pablo Neruda  
2. Conversation Pieces: poems that talk to other poems - Kurt Brown, ed.
3. Coming Into Eighty - May Sarton
4. Modern Haiku Volume 43.3
5. Acorn #29
6. The Moon is Always Female - Marge Piercy 
7. The Book of American Negro Poetry - James Weldon Johnson  
8. The trouble With Poetry - Billy Collins   
9. Ariel - Sylvia Plath   
10. Haiku: This other World - Richard Wright 
11. The Dream Keeper and Other Poems - Langston Hughes
12. Ardor: Poems of Life - Janine Canan
13. The Woman Who Fell from the Sky - Joy Harjo
14. The Ring and the Book - Robert Browning
15. An Introduction to Haiku: An anthology of Poems and Poets - ed. Harold G. Henderson
16. Not a Muse: The inner Lives of Women - ed. Kate Rogers, Viki Holmes
17. Tracing the Tradition: An Anthology of Poetry by Women - ed. Linda Hall
18. Classic Poetry: An Illustrated Collection - ed. Michael Rosen, illus. Paul Howard
19. Poems of Rumi (audiobook) - Jalaluddin Rumi   
(audiobook) - Jalaluddin Rumi
Poems of Rumi (audiobook) - Jalaluddin Rumi
Poems of Rumi (audiobook) - Jalaluddin Rumi
20. The Knopf National Poetry Month(TM) catalog Collection (audiobook) - Various    

My second task, Participate in at least 3 Virtual Poetry Circles throughout the year, was also a success. 

1. 208th - The Swing - Robert Louis Stevenson.
2. 210th - Epitaph for a Romantic Woman - Louise Bogan.
3. 224th - Last Lines - Anne Bronte.
4. 234th - Requium for the New Year - Mary Karr.

At my third task, Feature one poet per month on your own blog, I was mostly successful once I began. Unfortunately, I missed the final poet for December. Life.

June - Countee Cullen  
July - Louise Erdrich  
August - Lucille Clifton
September - E. E. Cummings  
November - Wislawa Szymborska  


  1. This is truly fantastic!! I keep meaning to read more poetry but it gets left to the wayside. Maybe I'll keep a book on my nightstand!

    1. Reading one poem a night is a good goal. I always have a book of poetry nearby. I started this when I was in Grad school and didn't have much time for reading for pleasure. It helps that I love it too.