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Not much to say, really. I'm a reader, a writer, a gardener, and a teacher. I have a husband, kids, and grand kids.

What you see on this blog are some of the things that touch me, and occasionally, things that rile me.


This Blog was born, reluctantly, of an assignment for a class called Technology in the Classroom. 

I grew to love it as I blogged along, and it came to be like the journals I kept when I was young: full of writings, clippings, quotes, pictures, and other flotsam that flowed by in the stream of my life.


Civility in commenting is a must. Disagreements are to be expected in any civilized society; but vulgarity, rudeness, profanity, cruelty, or any of the -isms, are not acceptable here.

Since this is my Blog, I retain the right to refuse, block, or ban, anyone, or whatever the bloggy equivalent may be. Trolls, flamers, and the like, are not welcome here.

But everyone else is. So please take your time, look around, and enjoy.