To Reach Out

Whether you call it charity, a mitzvah, or looking after your karma, giving to those in less fortunate circumstances is a good thing. It is a balm for our individual souls, nurturing the best values in our families and bringing those values out into society, strengthening it.

Please, join with me in touching a life in need.

Thank you,

It won't cost you a thing  You click and the advertisers donate

It won't cost you a thing

DonorsChoose   Connecting you to classrooms in need



Suicide Prevention  Crisis intervention for LGBTQ youth

 Urge Our Nation's Leaders to End Hunger    One person can do plenty.







Stop Family Violence   State funding was cut for programs to prevent family violence and help victims in California.

Catalogs for Giving

Here are a couple of posts with some 
relevant information and links on giving:

The 7 Works of Mercy (pictured above): Feed the hungry, Give drink to the thirsty, Clothe the naked, Shelter the homeless, Visit the sick, Visit the imprisoned, Bury the dead.