Sunday, January 8, 2012

KINSEY MILHONE Reading Challenge for 2012 . . and Beyond!

I confess. I've read this entire series, except for the last one published, so this may be the easiest challenge I've ever taken on. 

Please don't hate me.

Darlene's Book Nook is sponsoring this challenge, and I'd like to throw my support her way. Click on the badge to the left and go to her blog to sign up for the challenge. 

 My modest goal for this particular challenge in 2012 is:

"V" is for Vengeance  

[UPDATE 11/3/12] Click on the titles to read my reviews, such as they are.

Kinsey & Me (2013)
 "W" is for Wasted (2014)
X (2016)


  1. Welcome to the Kinsey Millhone Reading Challenge, Snowball! It doesn't matter in the least that you have read them all except for the last one! Thanks for joining me, and I'm looking forward to seeing your reviews! Have fun!!

    1. Thank you much for the warm welcome.