Friday, January 21, 2011

Ole! Fiesta Time! Suggestions Welcome!

Well, it's begun.

I know a few things that need to be done with my blog. But some feedback from others would be helpful to get a feel for how it looks to outsiders. Any thoughts would be great.

First, A couple of things that I am quite proud of: 
1). I taught myself how to give my pictures coded descriptions for those visitors who may be vision impaired. Their readers will read the description of the picture to them. I occasionally forget and let one slip by, but I try hard to do this with each image. 
2). I searched high and low for a widget to allow visitors to change the print size to suit their needs. At the time all I could find was some code that I couldn't make work (I am NOT a programmer), but through trial and error I got it to work. What else can I do to ease the use of my blog?

Now to work . . . . 
A. My first task was to comb through my links, weeding out those that no longer work. Question: As time goes on, links in past posts may end up broken, and combing through years of posts seems daunting.  Is there an easier way to track broken links in in very old posts or should I just wait for visitors to point them out?

B. I am reevaluating my sidebar. What needs to stay / go? How can I make it better? What do I need to offer that I don't?

C. SEO, promoting, and networking are big weaknesses for me. I found a TEN THINGS BLOGGERS SHOULD NOT DO mini challenge on Word Lilly (Thanks a bunch Word Lilly!), and evaluated my weak points. These were the top three. I'll be attempting to address them also this weekend.

D. The bulk of my efforts, however, will probably be put toward setting up content for the future. I love being able to draft and schedule things ahead.  I can then drop in current events without feeling rushed. (when I'm actually ahead, that is)

I would appreciate
any suggestions you might have.

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