Friday, April 29, 2011


close up of two hands planting a small conifer

Arbor Day is the last Friday in April of each year.

It all began in Nebraska in 1872. A special day was set aside for planting trees. This tree planting idea caught on and now we celebrate Arbor Day every year. ... [to continue reading, click here]

WHY are trees are so important to us all: 

1. Trees provide shade to keep us and our homes cool on hot summer days.
2. Trees give off vital oxygen through photosynthesis which you and I and animals need to breathe.

3. Trees absorb harmful pollutants and small particles from the air which could damage our lungs.

4. Trees provide protection from the wind.

5. Trees reduce noise pollution.

6. Trees give us products such as: chewing gum, crayons, soap, shatterproof glass, suntan lotion, cork, dyes, life-saving drugs, writing paper, syrup, perfume, pencils, firewood, building materials, and much much more.

- from: EEK! 
Environmental Education for Kids.

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