Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Song ALWAYS Brings Tears to My Eyes

That's how I know life hasn't beaten the humanity out of me.

We have debts and struggle, just like everyone else. But we are acutely aware of how easily things could be much worse. 

The number of folks on corners with signs has exploded in the past few years; some asking for work, some looking to get someplace else, some just trying to stay alive. 

And if you look into their eyes you will see profound sadness mixed with a kind of surprise. They never expected to be here asking you for a hand out.

On payday I will be making a donation to help someone else.

Please join me.

We don't have much, but even a few dollars can make a difference.

(There are links to several charities below the video
& on the side bar at left)

Give whatever and wherever you feel comfortable, but please give. 

Local organizations that aid the homeles and those living in poverty are always in need of volunteers. Your time is a valuable gift, too.

This was originally written during the depression (1931) by Yip Harburg,
who was later blacklisted during the McCathy era.

LINKS (Click on the logo to go to the site):

Stop Family Violence

Stop Family Violence
All State funding was cut for programs to prevent family violence
and help victims in California.


Connecting you to classrooms in need

It won't cost you a thing

It won't cost you a thing
You click and the advertisers donate

Red Cross

Red Cross
Direct Link for Red Cross Donations

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