Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pet Peeve:

Why . . . when I enter the key words for a search into the Google search box, does it give me results for an entirely different search, then ask me if I actually wanted to search for that other thing?

Of course I wanted to search for that other thing,
or I wouldn't have asked.

Here, let me give you an example:

Given my love of reading and the contents of my blog, "bibliography of ______" is a common search.

Google, it seems, does not know what the word 'bibliography' means. It gives me hundreds of thousands of links to 'biographies' of my query, and even lists of books about them. But rarely does it include the works of said author.

It politely tells me that it had the prescience to looked up "biography of ______" instead, then gives me a link for "bibliography of ______" if I really want that.

Does Google have an algorithm whose entire purpose is to drive me crazy?

How about you? What are your Pet Peeves?

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